Our Expertise

We offer top-notch third-party logistics and hauling services to back your trading business to meet the market demands. We get your business a competitive edge by minimizing the lead time through fast and reliable goods transportation across Stafford, VA, US to Canada.


Why Choose Why Choose Us

We ensure to take care of all your shipping needs and transport
your products at the right place and time.

  • Cost-Friendly

    Save yourself the cost of hiring various services to transport your products

  • Easy Tracking

    Our easy-to-use tracking system keeps you updated about your cargo

  • Cross-Docking

    Transport your goods across different distribution centers or warehouses

  • Inventory Protection

    We have proper compartments to keep your inventory safe

  • Scheduled Delivery

    Deliver your goods at the desired location quickly and efficiently

  • Experienced Staff

    We are professional transportation and logistics service providers


what our customers say

  • “I have been outsourcing my transportation management to these guys for many months. They always transport my goods to different retailers quickly and safely.”

    -By George Francis
  • “Jamison Transportation has solved all my shipping and supply chain concerns! My company and I have saved a whole lot of time ever since we started working with them. We can now focus on other business operations without worrying about our transit needs. Truly a 5-star service provider!”

    -By Aaron Ballard
  • “My clients don’t call me over and over again to ask me where the shipment is, all thanks to Jamison Transportation’s fast services.”

    -By Martha De Vries